Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How Far Do You Agree That Video Games have had a Negative Effect on Essay

How Far Do You Agree That Video Games have had a Negative Effect on Society - Essay Example This paper declares that Healthy mind needs a healthy body which means that there needs to be certain level of balance in life. A person needs proper outdoor activity as to refresh his mind and make it energetic to handle what life has to offer. This is the traditional concept of games and health that has been successful for ages. Video Games totally negate this aspect and physical activity is totally lost in the whole process of so called ‘fun’. This report makes a conclusion that various model of gaming software’s are especially designed for this purpose. Moreover if properly controlled, this can be a good sporting and informative event for a child provided that proper choices are being made. This side of this is sadly limited in today’s world and is mostly used only for promotion in television advertisements. Just like everything else, Video games have a bright side and a dark side but as shown with various dimensions above that its negative aspects totally over dominate the positive side. It is advised to keep a proper check on this and this should never be allowed as the sole source of entertainment. No one can deny the importance of physical activity. For a person’s mind and body, half an hour running every day is far better than playing videos games for couple of hours. This seems to be high time we promote strong family ties, better physical health and lead a health and progressive life rather tha n being dominated by technology.

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