Monday, November 25, 2019

How to Develop Editorial Values with Help Scouts Greg Ciotti [PODCAST]

How to Develop Editorial Values with Help Scouts Greg Ciotti [PODCAST] Publishing great content that makes your clients successful is the real challenge of marketing. Having editorial values that help your team stay on the same page while creating customer-focused content is the key to success. Today’s guest, Gregory Ciotti, content marketing manager of Help Scout, can help your team create your own set of editorial values and find the connection between content marketing and customer success. Learn how to make your customers more successful, which, in turn, contributes to your success! Some of today’s highlights include: The lowdown on Help Scout: What it is, what they’ve been doing, and Gregory’s role as content marketing manager at the organization. How Gregory defines great content: something that solves a problem, something that contributes to business goals, and content that serves as a positive representation of the company. The elements of Gregory’s editorial values, including strategy, tactics, and examples. Gregory suggests some objectives to consider when creating content. What Gregory means by â€Å"vivid writing.† Being clear and imaginative is a challenge, but necessary to make you and your customers successful. How to use content to provide context between prospective customers and your product or service. Methods for gathering customer feedback to help you better understand what to cover in your content. Powered by PodcastMotor Actionable Content Marketing powered by By 00:00/00:00 1x 100 > Download file Subscribe on iTunes Leave Review Share

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